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Decode your destiny

Discover the secrets behind your name & birth date

What is Numerology

Life lesson Number

Your Life Lesson number is calculated from your FULL date of birth and is considered one of the most influential numbers in one's numerology chart. This number helps clarify the lessons you will be learning in this life.

Soul Number

Your Soul number is calculated from the vowels in your name. It reveals your real personality that is only known to you; your inner secret self and who you desire to be.

Personality Number

Your Personality number is calculated from the consonants in your name. It explains how others see and perceive you from the outside looking in. It's not necessarily who you are but what people expect from you because of the image you present.

Destiny Number

Your Destiny number is calculated from all the letters in your name. It shows what you must do and be in this lifetime and what you came here to manifest.

How Can Numerology Help Me?

Numerology has been around since the time of Pythagoras, about 500 BC. It’s an ancient system of decoding the universe and human life through numbers. Numerology can give you insight into why you are the way you are and why others are the way they are. It can help explain inter-relational dynamics and differences.

Life can be full of twists and turns. Numerology helps you navigate them by explaining different experiences you may have in life; it gives you comfort in hard times and inspires you in good times. 

It can help answer questions around your love life, whether it’s a good time to move, if you should stay or leave a job, etc. It’s a powerful tool for reflection that can dissolve uncertainty, provide clarity, and offer specific guidance. 

About Kristi

Kristi Hageman is a long-time resident of Encinitas, CA where she raised her son and developed meaningful, long-lasting relationships with the community.
Kristi is a restaurateur and a 30-year veteran of the San Diego food scene. She is the owner and operator of two of Encinitas’ most beloved restaurants, Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizzeria and The Craftman Tavern with her husband.
Through many years of study she has rooted herself in numerology. She has studied under renowned Numerologist, Pam Crane. Kristi is also a Master Practitioner of NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with the focus on personal growth and empowerment.
She has set up a beautiful, private space in Carlsbad, CA to see clients where she can share the inherent wisdom of life’s numbers. She is known as the Mystic Mathematician by those who know her and love her best.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

I often hear from my clients that I am a safe space to vent to and talk to openly and freely. We often don’t want to talk about our problems over and over again. I can help you feel safe by expressing your problems and talking it through, knowing that you’re not creating more of a problem by discussing it but that you’re releasing it. Numerology is fun! I’m passionate about having enjoyable, playful and fun sessions. I have found so much value in numerology that now it’s my turn to share that with others.

Love Life, Career, Family/Relationships


We dive into specific questions and/or concerns you have regarding your love life, whether it’s a good time to move, if you should stay or leave a job, your relationship compatibilities, etc. The point is to provide you with as much insight and data as possible to understand yourself and others so that you can feel empowered.

All I need is your full name at birth (that’s written on your birth certificate) and date of birth. If you’ve already sent them to me, all you need to bring is yourself. 🙂

You will leave feeling uplifted, lighter, and better than when you came in. With insight on the cycle of life you and others are currently in, clarity on your path, and a sense of relief, you will be able to enjoy life rather than be swept away by it. 

Client's experiences

With the amount of detail you can receive from numbers, I immediately felt like it was very aligned with who I am, my personality, and my purpose in life. It was very insightful. Kristi makes it so light and joyful to bring in this information that can help transform and add to your life! The ability to see into past, present, and what is coming is a very evolving, loving experience.
Sam Tautua
I have been a client of Kristi's for several years now. She is one of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. Her heartfelt talent for Numerology is amazing. She will make you feel at ease immediately. She will listen intently and will always work hard to understand the issues you are trying to convey. She is precise, accurate and you will always leave feeling a huge sense of relief and well being. Kristi has a gift that most simply do not possess. If this is your first time delving into Numerology or it's your thing, you will be thrilled with Kristi. She is joyful and loads of fun. She will really help you find the answers you are looking for.
Every session I’ve had with Kristi has been a beautiful, informative, and expansive experience. Her numerology calculations have been an amazing guide through the different phases of my life, helping me understand what I’ve been going through and what type of energy to expect in upcoming seasons. Not only is Kristi extremely knowledgeable in numerology, but she is a very intuitive woman and throughout our sessions she has tuned into some pretty powerful messages, and her kind, empathetic, and positive nature allow the space for this to be such a healing experience. From my career, family, relationships, to spirituality, everything I’ve taken away from these sessions has completely empowered the way I trust the journey that I’m on. I’ve sent many friends her way and I know she has had the same impact on all of them! I always look forward to seeing her again.